Choosing a webmail

On this dedicated host, i’m looking for a webmail. There is a couple of system right now:

  • IMP[1]
  • Squirrelmail[2]
  • IlohaMail[3]

Let’s give them a try. After a little fight w/ horde i discovered that IMP is really hard to install, and some people say it’s a cpu ogre. Squirrelmail is really easy to install, and works quit fine with courier-imap. The only trouble is that themes are really awfull, and pages load slowly ..

Last week i decided to test IlohaMail and it’s really what i’m looking for. Despite it doesn’t have advanced theming, the look&feel is fine, and pages are fast to load.
One feature i really like: ‘identities switching’

Everybody likes screenshot ? :)

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